Violin Studio


Daily practicing results in a more positive outcome and makes playing the violin easier, more fun, and more successful. At this stage, it is crucial that the parent is just as involved as the student, both in terms of lesson attendance and practicing at home. Because this parent-student commitment plays such a primary role in violin study, Rick meets with prospective students and parents to ensure that the family is committed to creating a successful home environment.

Continuing Students

Rick has experience teaching students of all ages and levels, including university undergraduate students. Because of their very diverse backgrounds, Rick strives to provide very individualized instruction tailored to the needs of each student. In this spirit, Rick uses resources from various perspectives on violin pedagogy, including exercises by Sevcik, Schradieck, and Dounis, etudes by Mazas, Kreutzer, and Dont, and repertoire from a variety of sources. In addition, he respects the guidelines of the Royal Conservatory and has successfully prepared students for RCM exams.
Rick emphasizes musical and violinistic growth through a weekly 30-90 minute private lesson and technique class. Lesson lengths are tailored to each student's level and needs in order to provide the greatest opportunity for musical success. Additionally, Rick encourages participation in orchestral and chamber music programs to develop ensemble skills and ensure that students become well-rounded musicians. Because Rick has established contacts throughout North America while studying and performing, he is able to offer masterclasses and clinics given by guest artists. This provides students with the opportunity to play for other violinists and get a unique perspective on their playing.
For continuing students, regular practicing is essential and practice length must reflect each student's level. Additionally, the student must be mentally engaged in practicing rather than using rote repetition. In addition to time spent playing the violin, this includes listening to recordings, attending concerts, and learning music history and theory. By addressing the many facets of a musical education, Rick ensures that his students develop into well-rounded musicians.

Adult Students

Studying the violin as an adult can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, whether it is as a returning student or as a new beginner. Rick's individualized approach allows adult students to enjoy playing the violin and successfully fit it into their busy lives. Thus, 60 minute private lessons can be scheduled weekly, bimonthly, or monthly.


An important part of being a musician is having the ability and opportunity to share music with others, such as family members, friends, and the community. An excellent way to build this skill is through Rick's semiannual studio recitals. This provides an opportunity for students to celebrate their hard work and musical growth while building confidence and pride in their musicianship.

Each week, every student attends a 20-45 minute private lesson in addition to a group class of a similar duration. The group class not only provides an opportunity for students of similar levels to play together, but is scheduled such that they are also able to listen to the more advanced levels. Group class is a time when students can further master techniques and repertoire learned in the private lesson. Additionally, it teaches students how to play in a group, which is essential for playing in orchestra or in chamber ensembles. Parents also benefit from attending group class as they are able to share their personal experiences and get to know each other. Rick has found that having one teacher for the private and group components results in greater continuity and musical development at a faster rate